A few errors got into the first editions of the Sistine Secrets. Almost all the errors have been amended in the subsequent foreign and paperback editions.

On p. 47, it should be Pope Benedict XI, not IV.

On p. 150, Zorobabel was not blinded (that was Zedekiah), but was born in exile in Babylonia (which is what his name means) and thus his eyes are indeed darkened from sadness, like Aminadab's.

On p. 225, we meant to imply that the Book of Jonah is read for the Mincha (afternoon prayer service) and not Neilah, the closing ceremony.

On p. 249, August 15 is Assumption Day, not the Ascension.

On p. 289, Pope John XXIII is still in the process towards sainthood, and thus should be called Blessed, not Saint.
St. Peter's Church should be referred to as a basilica throughout, not a cathedral. The cathedral of Rome is St. John in Lateran.

PS: Since the book came out, forensic researchers from the University of Pisa discovered that two of Michelangelo's teachers of Jewish tradition, Poliziano and Pico della Mirandola, were poisoned and did not die of syphilis, as previously believed (see p. 66). We still do not know for certain how Lorenzo the Magnificent and Vittoria Colonna died.