You can have Roy Doliner come to speak in your city! He is a highly popular public speaker, as you can see by the sample events listed below. For bookings in North America, please contact his personal manager there, Steven Karash at: skychai36@yahoo.com. For other countries, you can write Roy directly through Contact on this site.

Volete che Roy Doliner tenga una conferenza nella vostra città? E' un conferenziere molto ricercato, come si vede dagli esempi elencati sotto. Per programmare un evento, contattatelo tramite Contact su questo sito, ossia l'indirizzo email: info@roydoliner.com.

Lecture Topics

       1. The Sistine Secrets and the hidden Jewish symbolism of Michelangelo (based on the NY Times bestselling book)

       2. History of the Jews of Rome

       3. Christian-Jewish relations in Rome

       4. A Light in the Shadows: The Secrets of Caravaggio (based on the book, a bestseller in Italy)

       5. Hidden Kabbalah in the works of Modigliani

       6. The Secret Soul of Italian Architecture

       7. Kabbalistic Secrets in Italian Art and Architecture (a preview of the new book, coming out this spring from Rizzoli)

       8. The Secrets of Roman Jewish Cuisine

       9. Unknown Italy

      10. Veiled in Mystery - solving the enigma of a 500 year old Catholic statue by using the Talmud (based on my 3rd book, which made headlines around the world - for example, this special report from the Daily Telegraph of London: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/8177878/Michelangelos-Pieta-prototype-unveiled-in-Rome.html)

Below you can see Roy Doliner speaking to an audience of art history experts and licensed Roman guides... he does the opposite of the usual boring, blah, academic talks on art and history - instead, he makes it accessible to all, with plenty of juicy anecdotes and Jewish humor to bring the ideas home and make his points crystal clear. You can tell by the overwhelming response that this makes his talks extremely popular both in Italy and around the world.

The Italian press said that instead of the standard word "presentation", Roy's lectures should be called "performances" - a great compliment.

His talks can run from 50 minutes to 1.5-2 hours, depending on the venue, the audience, the organizers, etc., always leaving room at the end for Q & A. Roy loves when the public feels more like participants than spectators.  

Roy uses Keynote, the Mac version of PowerPoint. He has the adaptor for any projector that can handle PowerPoint for PC. He has also occasionally done lectures without visuals, especially as a Shabbat scholar in residence and on certain topics that do not specifically require images, such as topics 2,3 and 8.



Below are YouTube clips.

 "a beautiful, professional and very inspiring lecture!"  
- Architect Beni Levy (Professor at Ariel University in Israel; also Architect for the City of David and the Old City of Jerusalem)

 "Thank you so much for your magnificent lecture this past Thursday! We had almost 200 people in the audience and I am being flooded with phone calls praising the quality of the program. ...You are such a generous and brilliant speaker; your lecture was captivating and intriguing; it was truly a memorable night. Our heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge, humour, and genuine passion with all of us... It was an immense honour to have met you and we hope to see you again before long!"
- Valentine Moreno
Curator of Multidisciplinary Programs, Koffler Centre of the Arts



Oct. 8 - Mirabilia Society at Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome

Oct. 13 - PaRDeS Group, Mirano, Italy

Nov. 13 - Maimonides Society, Montreal

Nov. 16 - BAYT synagogue, Toronto



2011-12 Lectures in English:

Yale University - Special Lecture Series, Eliezer Society

Inside the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The Presidential Palace of ITaly

U.S. Mint in Washington D.C.

The Knesset in Israel

92nd Street Y in New York City

The Spiro Ark in London

Italian Embassies in Canada and Israel

Rock Island, IL - Augustana College, lectures on religion series

St. Louis, MO - Congregation Shaare Zedek, Shabbat Scholar in Residence

Jerusalem, Israel - Pardes University

Ariel, Israel - Ariel University of Samaria

USA - Shabbat scholar in residence or special guest lecturer in various synagogues and Jewish cultural centers

Other museums, universities, synagogues, Rotary Clubs, Freemason Lodges, Chbad, and Jewish and Italian Cultural Centers

2011 Conferenze in italiano:

Roma - Palazzo delle Esposizioni: serata straordinaria per lo scoprimento del Modello della Pietà di Michelangelo

Gallarate (MI) - MAGA, prima conferenza per inaugurare il museo, sulla "Kabbalah di Modigliani"

Pozzuolo (NA) - Conferenza speciale per la rivista Fenix

Tel Aviv, Israele - Ambasciata italiana, un bis


2008-2010 Lectures in English:

Washington, DC - Special lecture for the Treasury Department's Enrichment Institute, held at the U.S. Mint.

Roy was invited and introduced by the Treasurer General of the United States, Anna Cabral.

New York City - 92nd St. Y VIP lecture series, simulcast to over 100 venues worldwide

San Diego, CA - San Diego Jewish Book Fair

Brooklyn Heights Chabad, NY - Shabbat Scholar in Residence

London, UK - The Spiro Ark special lecture series

Rome, Italy - American University of Rome

2008-2010 Conferenze in italiano:

Roma - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Fiera di libri a Castel Sant'Angelo, Isola Tiberina, Chabad di Roma, Teatro L'Arciliuto, il Rotary Club

Pont-Saint-Martin, Val d'Aosta - Biblioteca Centrale

Celano, Abruzzo - MUSè

Napoli - Libreria FNAC

Messina - Rotary dello Stretto di Messina

Torino - Circolo dei Lettori

Tel Aviv, Israele - Ambasciata Italiana